Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

What's the Time, Mr Wolf?

A bit of a late one for you tonight, guys and dolls! Most of you likely won't get to read this until tomorrow but, since I am just sitting down after an event, I thought I would share my experience while it's still fresh. 

As the first blog for the Made in Roath festival I intended to cover a few art exhibitions and conduct some street interviews to get the community's thoughts on the wealth and breadth of events going on. Unfortunately, as those of you out and about on the 15th might have noticed, Cardiff gurgled under a sheet of torrential rain for most of the morning and afternoon. As a result, my art adventure ended up being a one-woman washout.

I did manage to snap a few pictures of street art from Fatcap Studios before the weather got too bad. While I did not find anyone to interview (understandably so with a risk of ruining artwork due to rain) this event is being hosted for the entire week of the festival, so do drop by and take a look around if you're in the area.

Here's a taster of the kinds of things you'll encounter:

The opening of the play.
After this, and getting steadily more waterlogged, I took shelter until the evening when mist rolled in and I attended the intimately, comically dark performance of What's the Time Mr Wolf? from The Narrowest Point. 

I enjoyed every moment of this one man play, which followed the story of Conrad Kordover - a man with odd habits and unconventional beliefs. A murder is involved, and I shall say no more than that. (Just in case spoilers!)

The performance took place in the abode of the lovely Rachel Helena Walsh; Made in Roath's stage coordinator, conveniently enough (you can expect an interview with her on the blog within the next few days!). Decorated with fairy lights, candles and incense, we all piled into a cosy sofa-lined room and got comfy while the performance, delivered by the talented Ben Tinniswood, happened around us. The tiny space was transformed into a makeshift stage; years passed in mere seconds, the mood see-sawed from almost cacklingly funny to deadpan in a matter of a single, concise turn of phrase. Ben received a captivated audience, myself included, and his portrayal of Conrad was so vivid that it felt as though he continued to haunt the stage even after the play was over.

The (very dramatic!) Rachel Helena Walsh
and actor Ben Tinniswood
Afterwards, I got a chance to chat with a few of the attendees and also with Rachel and Ben, who has been performing What's the Time Mr Wolf? for the past three years, most recently at the 2014 Cardiff Comedy Festival. As you can imagine, by now he has the personality, mannerisms and temperament of Conrad down to a very fine art.

He first encountered the play about ten years ago when Vincent Cassar - the writer and his good friend - presented it to him. He immediately wanted to take on the role but was regrettably told that he was 'too young and too good-looking' to pull it off. Apparently he's old enough now... though I (wisely) make no comment about the rest.

That's it from me tonight, I'm afraid! 

Good night, tight sleeping and bedbugs and things.


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