Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Monday, 20 October 2014

Interview: Rachel

Following on from Rebecca's last post, I bring you another interview! This one is with the lovely Rachel Helena Walsh, coordinator of Made in Roath's theatre/stage events. I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel at What's the Time, Mr Wolf? (I sat on a sofa in her garage) and she is one busy bee! I feel lucky to have caught up with her.

A beautiful picture of Rachel, shamelessly
lifted from her Twitter. (Sorry!)
What event are you most looking forward to/have enjoyed so far?
The open houses have been fantastic as well as The Little House of BOSCH at the Roath Park Pub. I'm looking forward to Vaughan Wylliams Live! on Wednesday night at 9pm in The Roath Park.

What do you think it is about Made in Roath which makes it so distinctive as a festival?
The sense of community - MiR is about exploring the new, bringing people from all walks of life together and discovering and sharing your creative passion with others. Also - everything is free - hurrah!

How did you get involved with Made in Roath?
Back in 2010 I applied to put on a theatre show with Kelly Jones above Milgi. The following year I asked Gail if I could programme a theatre sector as I had many theatre friends looking for a platform to share their work with the local community. I've continued on since then with each year growing and showcasing the eclectic talent of Roath's Performers and Theatre Makers.

Made in Roath must be a lot of work to organise – what is it that inspires you to keep going?
My dad always says 'it's not work if you're enjoying it'. I've come to realise that I work well under pressure which is proving rather useful! I absolutely love bringing theatre to new audiences and places outside of the traditional theatre venues.

What is your favourite Made in Roath memory? 
Last Saturday night (the 18th) at The Art in the Speakeasy Warehouse at Milgi. The Audience were plentiful and brilliant and I tried out some new work in the shape of Marmaille, a French Clown on the hunt for a husband. (She is still looking if there are any suitors available!)

Tell us a secret about Roath.
I've heard of sightings of unicorns by Roath Lake (but only on Sunday mornings in October).

For more information:

Made in Roath Stage: and

Rachel Helena Walsh: @theatretheatre

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