Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

The skinny on me: Uschi

Hi, I'm Uschi Turoczy (my name can mean 'little bear' like Ursa Minor, the star constellation, and from a child have strongly believed that I'd make a better bear than person. When I'm not hibernating, I enjoy teaching, playing board games, beer and reading at an agonisingly slow-pace) and, just like Rebecca and Jon, have recently completed the MA in Creative Writing at Cardiff Uni. I'll be making up another fifth of the blog-team 2014, so am following suit and sharing a bit about myself!

I write fiction which I usually hate whilst I'm writing it, and come around to later on. I write without plot or plan and usually my writing focuses on character and interweaving or dysfunctional relationships.

I have lived in Cardiff for 5 years now and still love how much is going on here. I was lucky enough to be involved with Made in Spring, writing for the poetry takeaway (I ended up writing a lot of poems for kids: Many toys came to life). And I previously ran a writing club at a local high school with fellow blogger Sara (who you'll all meet in a few days). It was fantastic to see the young community of Cardiff equally passionate about writing, and intimidatingly, brazenly talented too -this is what's so great about events like this!

I'm especially looking forward to the spoken word events at Made in Roath, and would advise any aspiring writers to take advantage of the opportunity to pick Shelagh Weeks' brain at the Creative Writing Masterclass (remember to book beforehand!)

You can stalk me in a socially acceptable way on Twitter: @uturoczy 

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