Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Saturday 15th, Global Home

We have a lot going on this Saturday and I mean A LOT, with Global Home and a hole host of other events, happenings and exhibitions all beginning today. 

Global Home (31) is this years Made in Roath street party and is jammed packed with wonderful delights. We have A potters wheel, RSPB Cymru, Puppet making workshops, lets make some noise, journey home - the world has two faces coming home to ourselves, Global gardens - soil and clay, Map and Print, Trinity centre clay workshop, belonging and happiness in Roath, Presence, Participation station, once upon a time, Roath local history society, forced to leave … to the unknown. Stories by refugees and asylum seekers living in Cardiff, poetry takeaway and food @ global home, kitsch kitchen cake and tea van (lovely), Howardian studio 22 will be on the stage with Vinyl cruise - organic sound lounge, Barracwda, Cathays Brass. TAVS Choir, chill out zone (we may need that) and of course the epic flags of Roath and puppet parade. Pulse much more happening, all in one small street, Plasnewydd road in Roath.
 In Open houses we have 103 Ninian Road (3), 15 Allensbank Road (6), 20 Inverness Place (33), Vintage screenings in a house, 32 Kelvin road (11)  15 Kelvin road (12), 72 Marlborough road (27), 14 Werfa street (14), 87 Glenroy street (39), 20 Ninian road (16), 113 Diana street (15), 164 Treharris street (40).

 Mackintosh sports club see’s Roath craft Market of local makers and Roath Farmers Market and Blas- Streetfood (42) starting at 9:30. Pottery @ Domestic Bliss at Inkspot (49), The word on the street at Welcome House (2), coffee concert: Scott baker at St Edwards at 11am (22), Banana lady at the courtyard (65), Caterpillar crawl at Mackintosh community garden (47, 52), 16 Cottrell road (41), Flags of Roath (2), My Father at 13 Boverton street (9) the Shop performance at 62 Stranthnairn street (37), Rhod in Roath 2016 (17), Creative writing session at Cathays library (7), Come Fold an Origami Animal at Costa coffee (30), Come fold with me at Milgi’s (44), Oxfam at the Andrew Buchan (32).

One we’d really recommend is the fantastic Albany Military Hospital exhibition, brought to life by year 6 at Albany primary school (last year these kids were AMAZING and we’d strongly recommend going) (38), there’s also Rose street Flea Market illustration exhibition at Rose street Flea market (48), if your into painting then head to Paint the Park in Roath Park Rec (19) the Big draw at St Martins church (36), Origami flowers (47), Mark carving workshop, Roath pleasure gardens (4) Welcome house open studio (2).

 But wait we are not done there we also have The Muppet movie at  4:45pm, Rear Window at 8:30pm and the fantastic Roathbud at 7pm all at YMCA Plas (53), Vexation by Erik Satie at the Trinity centre 7:30pm (51), Roath Bat walk outside Penylan library at 6pm (18), Square writers night plus open mic at the Roath park pub (45), Musica Universalis and Ice Maiden at welcome house (2), Opera Scenes at St Edwards church (22) and Wellfielde book event at Wellfielde book shop (62).

see told you it was a lot. Enjoy :) 

 Do check the website or event booklet for information on timing and location of each event. Everything is taking place through out the day at different times so do plan your day before hand. 
 A map of the plan route of the walks.

"What Roath means to me" in the back of each Mir brochure you find this little square, be sure to cut it out and bring it along to Global home on Saturday the 15th and tell us what Roath means to you #madeinroath2016 #mirglobalhome

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