Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Friday, 7 October 2016

Made in Roath 2016, Spotlight on #mirglobalhome

Roadblock has undergone a change this year. This year roadblock is gone and in its place is a much more open and welcoming closed road, or should we say an open road (that is open to all except traffic). This year we welcome you to Global Home. 

Global Home is a massive street festival taking place in the heart of Roath on Saturday the 15th of October from 11am until 4pm. A place to come and celebrate Roath and the wonderful diversity which characterises our beloved city of Cardiff. Come and make baklava or learn how to introduce yourself in Polish, sing a traditional Welsh Song or help us design a flag for Roath (What should we put on it?). Along with the hugely exciting puppet parade we’ll also have a special flag parade. There will also be a whole range of things you can make and do with our Create team, as well as artist lead projects and community spaces coordinated this year by Dave Morris, Renn Hubbuck-Melly and Becca Thomas.  Global Home is free and open to all, so please come along and join in the creative fun. 

We’d also love to hear your thoughts and see your experiences so please share them with us. You can share your comments with us on twitter at @madeinroath2016 show us your photographs with instagram @madeinroath, remember to use the hashtag #mirglobalhome

At the back of each Made in Roath brochure you’ll find madeinroath planning page which features a “What Roath means to me” box. Fill it in, cut it out and bring it along to Global Home and chat to us on our social media outlets.

For more information and a list of artists and events do visit the website Made in Roath website. 

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