Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Friday, 7 October 2016

Made in Roath 2016: FOLD

Welcome to madeinroath 2016. It’s our 8th festival! This year you can expect lots of exciting additions to the week, as well as plenty of festival favourites.

2016 has been an exciting one so far, and we are very pleased that we’ve been able to open up several formerly shuttered up buildings in Roath as venues, giving the opportunity to explore spaces in our community that are normally closed off to us. Welcome House, the former youth hostel near Roath Park is now a temporary artist studios, and 28, The Parade a festival hub and unique venue for artist work.

Here at madeinroath we’ve been thinking a lot about community this year. We’ve been thinking about how much we care about Roath, and how we can all work together, making it a good place for us all to live and be happy. 2016 is the first year we’ve had a festival theme, the term FOLD, and many of the things you’ll see over the course of this week will address the ideas this word raises. Lee Campbell’s Participation Station will provide a new space for community interaction, while Stephen Duffy’s These City Walls documents a divided community in his native Northern Ireland, and Honey Jones Hughes’s poster project will highlight voices and opinions of many local people.
Our ever popular street fete this year is called Global Home, and amongst our stalls and artists interventions there’ll be ways in which we can explore the many cultures and languages in Roath, which make our community richer.
In a community we celebrate each other’s joys and also share in the sorrows. 

This year we would like to take a moment to remember two very special women, Sarah Hall and Louise Knight, who are no longer with us, and are very much missed. Both Sarah and Louise contributed a great deal to our community and their generosity and enthusiasm for madeinroath has led to some great contributions to the festival, including hosting a collection from the National Museum in Sarah’s home, and hosting the artist collective Rhod in Louise’s front garden; this year we want to celebrate their lives and say thank you, they will both be hugely missed, and thanks to their partners Tom and Peter for hosting something once again for madeinroath.

We hope that you enjoy this madeinroath festival. We hope it’s a week of fun, that together we discover new places, experience new things, spend time together and make new friends.
See you soon!

Becca, Clare, Gail, Georgia and Helen

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