Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Friday, 28 October 2016

MiR 2016: The Moth

One of the most inventive and technically advanced exhibitions of Made in Roath 2016 was the incredible Moth.

 Built by Charlotte Biszewski, Nick Willsher & George Rumney for Ensemble, sister group of Rusty Squid and housed in the tropical paradise of the Roath Park Botanic gardens conservatory. The Moth, an interactive, mechanical, responsive creature of gears and motors responded to the actions of touch and gentleness.

The Moth created a bridge between robotics and art (a bridge I personally hope is constructed more often). Built by means that I'm sure to these brilliant engineering wizards, is simple and straightforward enough but to me, experiencing the Moth in the warm, green tropical environment of the Roath park conservatory, seemed like the very magic of story books and lost forgotten enchanted worlds brought back into reality.

 To look upon this strange creature, studying its paper thin wings and hardened leather body a curious wonder came across the mind compelling you to speak in whispers and quieter tones when approaching and touching the Moth. This robotic creature demanded respect and admiration when in its presences. To watch the gentle opening of its wings and the movement of its arms as it approved of your kind connection with it’s being, recalling memories of turn of the century magicians automations and all the wonder of past years.  

 The memory of the moth will remain with me and I’m sure with everyone who saw it in that pleasant setting as a highlight of Made in Roath 2016. 

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