Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Confessions #3

Hmm... A lot of petty theft in Roath it seems... You naughty, naughty neighbourhood nickers, you!

I help steal the finger of Saint Peter (I think it was Saint Peter) from a cathedral in Bruges and smuggled it home (for private use).

I fed the ducks in Roath Park and one choked to death on a piece of bread. I ran!!

I stole a 15 foot dingy when I was a student at Carmarthen Art College.

I like to impress people with my burps.

I need to use nappies at night.

I had sex with my housemate... again!!! Oh dear!

I actually ate SIX Wagon Wheels - feel quite guilty and a bit sick.

I didn't ask permission before sticking up my door knobs!

I get a thrill going to work with no underwear on - none of the customers know, but it gives me a thrill.

I am a serial cat botherer in and around Cardiff and I strongly feel that one day I'll take someone's!!!!

I confess I have a roving eye for the larger ladies. They are aesthetically pleasing.

When I was 9 I stole £10 from Friends of the Earth's vegetable shop to buy a Pacman watch (I had worked for 3 months every Saturday for no wages - so took it upon myself to issue the wages).

I once got drunk with two girls and had fun with both. I should say neither knew I was with the other one. Very sly use of different rooms. A few years later they both founds out. They were friends and, as it turns out, friends talks. I was called to account. I'm sure there's a lesson in there somewhere.

In my third year of uni, I moved into a house in Cathays. It was OK, as student houses go. And at about 8 every night, a cute guy in the house opposite would get undressed with the curtains open. Which was a bonus. One night I was in the pub, and I was introduced to a good-looking young man. He looked familiar, but I couldn't work out how we knew each other. So I asked him a bit about his life. He said he lived in Cathays. I guessed I'd probably seen him around town. Then he said his house was OK... but a creepy girl in the house opposite watched him get undressed every night :-(

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