Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

And So It Begins!

The annual Made in Roath Festival is, finally, about to start...! In just a short while, we will be into the first day of the week-short (sigh!) event, which actually kicks off (sets off? Dances? Starjumps?? Maybe, all of these....!) at 6pm in The Gate, with poet Peter Finch, performer Rebecca Croxford, music, merrymaking, and people from all over Roath and (gasp) - beyond! ;-)

Please remember that I will be out and about, in a roving reporter-style way, to capture snippets and stories from people taking part, willing to share, wanting to confess, eager to opine/give an opinion, or anything at all really... My brief is less than brief - I have been  given artistic license, creative freedom, literary leeway, as it were! My aim: to collate people's stories, histories, tragedies, and triumphs, in my own poetic, intrepid way. As part of this, I will be wandering about, meandering merrily,  and chatting to/engaging with people I meet, making notes (olde stylee) as I go... These will then be recorded for posterity on this fine blog :-)

There will also be a couple of workshops facilitated by yours truly over the weekend. They are:

SATURDAY 19th OCT 4-6pm
Come write a poem and hang it from Milgi's cherry tree! All ages welcome,

SUNDAY 20th OCT 2-4pm
Share a secret or story never told... A pint of real ale might help? Adults only ;-)

All of these poems and stories will be recorded (with your kind permission) in this blog.

And, of course, as part of this the CONFESSION BOX will be in the Andrew Buchan all week. This is what it looks like (Imadeitmyself):

Simply take a piece of paper and a pencil and write down your secret... Pop it in the box, with or without your name, and see it on this blog by the next day! Feel free to make your confession as long or as short as you like... I will be compiling the most interesting of these and using them to bounce off a poem or two of my own (see for these).

Anyway, I am v v v excited about tomorrow! Amazeballs, if not astoundballs! Make sure to follow the Made in Roath hashtag on Twitter by the way (#MiRblog). We are at @madeinroath2013 and @mabjones, as well as on Facebook and, of course, here and on the main website: Anyway, tra until tomorrow! Speak/write/starjump soon! Mab x

(((((p.s. do get in touch if you'd like to add something directly to the blog, of course!)))))

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