Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 14 October 2015

Screen view on Roath

It’s interesting watching a festival develop and happen through a screen. For a large chunk of Made in Roath 2015 I’ve been watching it develop via the web. Through the social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, this is due to an issue of geography i.e I don’t live in Cardiff so can’t be about to see it all.

 But this has given me an interesting prospective of the happening of the festival via the web and what I’ve noticed is that its all rather quite wonderful.
  Instagram has been my favourite thing to watch, this has filled up with fantastic images of what people have been seeing, doing and experiencing. Likewise on Twitter, there has been tweets and hashtags about people getting involved and sharing their thoughts. Its also been quite exciting seeing the dialogues evolve and develop, the conversations between people and between the Made in Roath twitter account. The chatter that has began just through this festival. Facebook too there’s been more shares, comments and posts posted to the event pages and the Made in Roath Facebook page. The interaction and involvement that have been taking place, the “likes” upon a post for even those such as myself who are unable to attend the festival allow us to partake in some shape and prosper in the feel of the festival from afar.  

These likes, tweets, images and posts in the digital environment all go into the festival and help make up the spirit and feel of the week.

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