Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Cross Stitching of Roath

We cannot go any further without mentioning the amazing Cross Stitching which appeared all around Roath during the festival. This was one of the most surprising and fantastic aspect of the festival. We knew it was going to happen but we had no idea how large and how broad this project would be.
  I don't think there was a street in Roath or Adamsdown that didn't have some Cross Stitching on it somewhere.
 Put together by Cross paths CDF this project, without question brightened and brought creativity to the streets. It was amazing to watch a stream of tweets and posts coming in on the Monday of Made in Roath by people making the school run or heading to work and just encountering these cross stitch interventions.

 It was a fantastic project and one that is a personal favourite of this years festival, below is just a tiny few of the many fantastic cross stitch creations that appeared all around Roath. 

Thanks for reading, we hope you have a great week.

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