Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Wednesday, 14 September 2016


Its just 32 days until Made in Roath 2016 kicks off and if there is one thing we have learnt from hosting the last 8 Made in Roath’s community art festivals is we are going to need a few things.

 Such as we are going to need some artists and creative types to put on workshops and hold events and general happenings for people to experience, we are also going to need people to come and experience and enjoy themselves during the week long festival at these occurrences. We are also going to need venues to host all the things that the artists and creative types are planning. We’d also like some fine weather but that one is up to fate. We’ll all probably also need lots of cups of tea to fuel the creative and enjoyment processes during the week long festival and of course some awesome volunteers to help us put on all these workshops and events. Oh yeah and we are going to be needing one more thing, not the most important thing, or the most well regarded or even the most appreciated or even the most valued thing, but without these items, it would undoubtedly mean the difference between a good event and a terrible washed out event. They are the difference between a well ordered and defined closed road of delightful artistic and creative treats and a random, anarchy, mobocracy gathering of stuff. They are the ultimate unnoticed symbol of British summer enjoyment. We are going to need some Gazebos……….

 So the call has gone out far and wide all over Cardiff for the Gazebos of Made in Roath to assemble (its kinda like when the avengers assemble but in this case the avengers are plain household gazebos not super heroes and generally there is no super cool accompanying soundtrack to this as-semblance, unless you count me quietly humming “putting on the Ritz” as I load the van). 

Homes, attics, garden sheds, out houses and garages are scoured for the tatty cardboard boxes from DIY and home improvement retailing companies that houses the flower like heroic rain defenders that we call Gazebos. The Gazebos are gathered together and sent out across Roath for a variety of events and happenings for artists and creative types to conduct their passions for creativity underneath them and on the epic day of the closed road event, the pinnacle of the Made in Roath festival. The Gazebos are gathered together to form a street long umbrella of protection against the elements for us to appreciate and experience all the things the arts have to offer under their canvas covers. Before at the end of the day, they are packed away and sent back to their resting places. Ever ready, ever vigilant, ever waiting the next call for rain protection at the next Made in Roath event. 

 For this, we thank you Gazebos (and more importantly the people who lend us the Gazebos, thank you too).

 If you would like to find out more about Made in Roath 2016 please check out the website or keep an eye on our social media outlets for details of the festival. 


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