Made in Roath 2016

Made in Roath 2016

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Roathbud 2014

Roathbud, Made In Roath's annual showcase of short films with a local connection, returned for its fifth edition on Tuesday 21st October. This time our venue was The Globe, which became the neighbourhood cinema once more. Here's what we showed that night - if you missed any of the films or would just like to watch them again, many of them are viewable online via the links below.

The Unstoppable Opinion Poller from Paul Allen
Shelley Gardens Food Festival from Paddy Faulkner
Millionaire from Mab Jones and Lauren Orme
Little Munchkin from Ryan Andrews
Colorama: V Moyn T from On-Par Productions
Werfa from The Actual History Museum Of Roath
Steptoe on Steroids from Paddy Faulkner
Gaea from Layla Holzer
Two Men In A Shed from Kirsten Jones
All Fours from David Davies-Llewellyn
Tesco Substitution from Paul Allen
The End Of The Gower from Paddy Faulkner
Secrets Of A Signwriter from Yoke Creative
Charity For Charity from Paul Allen

And here's a representative from The Actual History Museum Of Roath providing live commentary to their recently-unearthed contribution to the evening:

Finally, special thanks to Ffilm Cymru Wales for their support.

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